Corporate Events

Take your business to the next level by giving business relations, partners or associates a unique and exciting ERA Experience. Take full advantage of all the facilities the ERA Racing School has in store and power up your business. Seminars, network events, lunches, drift training or other activities; your corporate event organized and accommodated by ERA Racing School will take your company to the highest spot on the podium.

ERA Lounge

Zolder is an iconic and classic racetrack, but also a modern, multipurpose racing venue. Circuit Zolder is the ERA Racing School homebase. We are permanently based in the paddock of the track with our ERA Lounge and our ERA Pitboxes. We will welcome you in our brand new lounge, where we will host our theoretical classes, sim-sessions and our technical briefings with video and data analyses. The lounge also suits as relax room for accompanying guests from the drivers with a full size kitchen with open bar. Moreover, this is the ideal location for your event. With an enough space for your seminars, lunches or VIP hospitality.