About ERA Racing School

ERA is a classic racing school, with lots of attention for improvement of your racing skills. We use video and data analyses to make you better driver. But also attention for media and sponsorship training, financing and nutrition are part of the school program.

Xavier wants to provide young race drivers with a fair and square image of the exciting world of motorsport. Participants can expect honest advice from a driver who already ‘walked the track’.

Racing is not only about being fast on track. There are so many more determining factors in a racedriver's career. Some can be influenced by yourself, some are not in your hands. ERA Racing School helps and supports young and ambitious pilots to become more complete, well prepared, professional race drivers.

A successful career is not only determined by raw speed. It is also about gathering the right people around you, about making the right choices and taking the logical steps along the path you’re following.

ERA Racing School is a game changer. For example, it is the world’s first racing school using electric formula cars. Driving electric is ideally suited for the purpose of the Racing School, as we only have one gear and can fully focus on driving ideal lines and learning how to race.

That does not mean participants will only be prepared for racing in electric series. The opposite is true. The skills you learn will be useful in all series and classes, from karting to touring cars to formula racing.

It is inevitable that part of the future of motorsports will be in more eco-friendly, ERA Racing School acknowledges and embraces this development. Last but certainly not least, ERA is very much about the fun and thrills of racing.

Xavier Maassen, Manager and Lead Instructor

Xavier Maassen is a professional racedriver with more than 20 years of experience. He raced in Formula Renault 3.5, FIA GT, Blancpain Endurance series and many successes in the biggest 24 hour races, like Le Mans, Spa and Nürburgring. Xavier was also double champion in the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux.

Xavier is co-owner and manager of ERA Racing School. Sharing his knowledge and experience and helping (young) race drivers find their way in the world of motorsport is why Xavier initiated ERA Racing School.

The car

This is the ERA Mitsu-bachi F110E, a full electric, high performance, lightweight open-wheel racecar. This will be your track weapon! ERA not only showcases the best upcoming drivers. It is also a unique platform to demonstrate a range of cutting-edge electric vehicle technologies, like IoT and the power of an electric future.

DOME F110 Chassis

Made in Japan 650 kg

210km/h top speed

130KW - 170HP

24 kWh battery

20+ min of track time

Technical Partners

- Software AG


- Asus

- Orange


ERA Racing School: passion for racing

ERA Racing School stands for:


Enabling innovative technology to be researched, developed and implemented in a highly competitive, visible, cost-effective, and accessible platform.

Ensuring we undertake our own actions towards becoming more sustainable as a sporting series in an honest and transparent way.


Ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in a sport they love.

We know motorsport has a long way to go, but we are in a strong position as an entry-level series. We are best placed to change our sport for the better and foster a platform where talent can thrive and opportunities are available.


Exploring ways we can ensure our vehicle and our events can be adapted and improved to meet all needs, whilst keeping costs down in order to enable a fair chance for participation.